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Do you know what is cyber crime? A crime which is committed by internet is called cyber crime. It involves computers and networks. It can range from fraud to unsolicited emails. It can involve theft of government secrets. During cyber crime 14.4 percent of the sellers do not receive their payments. 13.2 percent of criminals pose as the FBI to defraud victims. 9.8 percent were unauthorized use of personal identifying information to commit crimes. 9.1 percent were crimes that used computer and target the computers. 8.6 percent of scams and fraud included sweepstakes and work from home scams. 7.6 percent were the Nigerian letter scams. 6.9 of users received bulk messages which were spam. 5.9 percent was fraudulent or missing information in the online content of auction sites. 5.3 percent was fraud charging of services to a victim's account. And many of the victims deposited bad checks for payment and sent the excess funds to sender.


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